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06 May 2015


Coins | Longstrider

I have here a coin denomination I have always been fascinated by: the Gold Dollar. In this case it is a 1851. You will notice it is graded by NGC as Unc Details Improperly Cleaned. This coin in problem free condition is listed as about $265-$300'ish. At the time I won this coin, it was at auction, I didn't have that much money in my coin budget. I was able to get this coin at less than half that price. I believe buying less than perfect coins is a good way to get coins you are interested in but can't afford right now. You have the coin to study and enjoy while you build up your budget for a better grade coin. Once you are able to get that coin of your dreams you have the other one to sell or trade. I should add that I only do this with third party graded coins. This is just my opinion I could be wrong. How does everybody else feel about this strategy? I hope to use this same strategy to buy a $3 gold Indian Princess Head! I think I will show this coin in the My Collection area to tell a little about it. I am proud of it!

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