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10 Mar 2018


Exonumia | Longstrider

Just this week I finally received the digital images I paid for when I had PMG grade my Civil War Currency T-41 Confederate note that I first blogged about on March 6th.. They email it to you. It seems the imaging department kept sending it to the wrong email address. Anyway, this gives me the opportunity to show the difference between my scan and PMG's professional work. This is a choice to pay for third party companies, whichever you are using, that comes up when you send in a coin or currency for grading and slabbing. First I should mention that PMG does not show the image on it's web site as NGC does. They simply send you the photos, front and back, in an email attachment. I was unaware of that little fact till it happened to me. I should say that the folks at PMG were very helpful in finding and sending me my lost photos. They also finished my note in about half the projected time. That NEVER happens! So, we are giving the choice of spending a bit more money. In this case it was $5.. Is it worth it? Is it better than you can do? Do you even want a photo of something in your hand?? These are all questions one has to answer for themselves. I show both examples below so you don't have to search for my older blog and can better compare them. What do you think? Personally, for $5 bucks, I feel it's well worth it. PMG's photos more closely show the true colors and detail of my note. My scan seems washed out and kind of transparent even though I did it in high resolution. That's my opinion. I could be wrong. Check them out and please leave me a comment on your opinion. Thanks for looking!



Level 5

I have mixed feelings about paying for NGC or others to image my graded coins. They can typically produce a better product but my main goal is having a photographic proof of ownership in case of a loss. Like Mike said, the fees start to add up. I wish they would let you add imaging only on specific lines on the form.


Level 4

I did a blog about scanning, hope it help with future scans.


Level 6

Wow, that's quite a difference! It seems like the professional image is brighter and clearer. I think I would pay the extra $5 for a quality image especially if I wanted to use it sometime in the future. Beautiful note! Thanks for a great blog!


Level 4

I like the professional images. However, it does become quite a bit of money if you are having many done. These images are really nice. I guess collectors have to weigh the costs and benefits. Thank you for this blog.


Level 6

I enjoy your CSA notes.


Level 7

I must say the pictures are better. I was going to try it but with all these fees it all adds up. Are you going to have them all done or just one you like? Five is an extra twenty five dollars. The have the right equipment but I also have the coin. I don't think I will get involved. The coin is better than a picture. I will have to say maybe in the future on something I like and can't get a good shot at. Thanks for all the info. You helped me make up my mind. Thanks for the information on all of this you helped me out. Thanks. Mike

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