31 Oct 2014

A collection of Indian Head cents from the period of the American Civil War, (1861-1865).
A single 1865 2 cent piece.



Level 5

Nice coin!


Level 5

Very nice coin! So much history is kept by those Civil war indian heads


Level 6

Nice coin. Early Indian cents are underrated.


Level 7

Beautiful Indian Head. Nice grade can't ask for more than that. Lucky me I have a couple myself. I love them. And in such great shape!



Level 5

Beautiful coin! I metal detected an 1862, the obverse had almost no detail left, but the reverse was VF-XF among dark brown all over it and green spots on it!


Level 4

Nice Indian cent LONGSTRIDER.


Level 6

This is a really nice Indian Cent...and from the Civil War! I like the Stack's label too!

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