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29 Jan 2022

A comprehensive History of the Twenty Cent Piece.

| MercuryDime#


The Twenty Cent piece was designed by William Barber, it weighed 5 grams, and was similar in size to the quarter of the day (1875-1878).The twenty cent peice debuted in 1875 as a convenient denomination for the West, as silver coins did not circulate in the East and Mid-West. They were often confused with the 25c piece, due to similar size, weight, and design.They were often passed of as quarters even until the Great War began, and were then hoarded in great quantity.



Level 6

A photo and more information would be good. ; )


Level 5

Don't have any twenty cent pieces. Should of started a collection of them.


Level 5

Seems like there is more to the history of this coin than you stated.


Level 7

Just a suggestion. Follow active people. Your following people who have not done anything in7 years. There gone. The ANA does not take the inactive sites down. None of them will help you .They can't there not here!!

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