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31 Jul 2022


| MercuryDime#

I know this is not really a post, but does anyone know how hard it is to start a coin club? There are no coin clubs within a 50-mile radius of me and i cannot get to the nearest easily.



Level 4

Mainly a matter of finding others in your area interested in joining. Some technical issues with meeting places, club business, type of club or interests, etc…..


Level 6

No clubs around me... I live in the middle of the desert... That's why I really enjoy this web-site! Good luck with your venture! ; )


Level 6

It is hard. Things to consider: Where to have meeting,? What day?, how to get the word out? Good luck

Kevin Leab

Level 4

I live in a small town of about 11,000 people. We used to have a coin club here before March of 2020 when covid hit us. There were about 15 people in the group, mostly older gentleman over 70...I was the youngest. I'd love to become a member of another club locally or start one myself. Thank you User_9073 for the info.... I'm going to look it up.


Level 4

There are many coin clubs that offer Zoom and other electronic connections to be involved in the club's activities. I know that the Cincinnati Numismatics Club has zoom meetings. I am working on getting the ability for my club to have zoom. It is also good for the older members that can't get out physically. They still can be engaged. I do realize it is not the type of membership for everyone, but if no clubs are local, try it.


Level 6

I believe, I could be mistaken, but there is an ANA Webinar about this very thing. One of the first year they dud them. Check it out. I am right. Here is a link. They are very good. https://www.money.org/webinar-archive-summer-2020#creating


Level 7

Were I live there are two million five hundred thousand people. I live in a small town . No clubs No shows and the dealers are miles from me. So I know how you feel. I'm up in age so it doesn't matter now. I have you great people. I hope you get help and get one going.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I live in a small town too. We have 313

AC Coin$🌎

Level 6

Even this site, provides you with a listing of various clubs and many other alternatives. Where I am from, there are none that I know of. Many collectors and dealers, but no organized clubs. Good luck in your search.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

User 9073 has a great resource there for you. I would advertise heavily with your local coin shops as well. Some radio stations that are more community oriented will pass on social club meeting info as well.


Level 5

Some years ago, Bill Fivaz wrote a booklet titled, "A Guide to Organizing, Operating and Growing a Successful Coin Club." You can get a PDF of this booklet on the website of the Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta. Go to "mccatl.org". Select the "Resources" page. In the lower part of the page you will see a link that will open the PDF. Good Luck!

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