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30 Mar 2018

A Happy Easter And Passover

Ancient Coins | Mike

I just want to take a minute to wish everyone on the site a very Happy Easter and Passover epically safe one. These dates and celebrations influenced many coins. There is a book coins from the Bible. So you see all parts of world history influences coinage. I have seen some of these coins there beautiful. Many have special meaning to us. As St. John Paul the Second called the Jewish People our older brothers that could not be a truer statement. We are all brothers and sisters. So enjoy the days with your family and let's all get along. Thanks. Mike.



Level 6

Your'e right there's a lot of coins and currencies with a religious theme. I really enjoyed your blog Mike! Happy Easter and many Blessings to you and your family. Kepi


Level 6

Thank you! Happy Easter to you.


Level 6

Happy Easter Mike. Thanks for those sentiments...


Level 6

Thanks Mike, Happy Easter!!


Level 5

Happy Easter Mike. I enjoyed reading as always.

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