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30 Mar 2022

The St. Patrick Half Penny 1670

Tokens | Mike

Saint Patrick . The half penny. This is the first blog I'm writing about a coin I do not own yet!On the obverse it is written Florest Rex . This means may the King flourish. The reverse its written Quiteslay Plebs. That means may the people be at peace.it shows David playing the harp gazing at the Royal Crown of England wish was a gold color.

21 Mar 2022

Why We Protect Our Notes And Coins

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone! Well why do we protect our currency and coinage? Because we dolls Ted them!. My mentor passed away last week. Taught me allot about coins. Good man and Marine he was 89. He said Mike you buy a coin be wise you like it. Its your responsibility to protect it from the element's. ...Below you will see old currency and even older tokens. Now one of the notes is all bent and wrinkled. Its value. Sentimental. It was from my mom in law when she passed. The same as the Franklin. Which is toned and in good shape. Its in a holder now. What I have seen on this site personally I would not collect or buy and on T.V. Why the history is gone the coin is beat up. Everything I learned 30 years ago thrown out the window. Why bother.? Why collect these. I don't have the answer. The Conder token below is from the 1700's one side was exposed to the element's the other side on felt. Look at the difference. I have 2000 year old Widow Mites in better shape. There in the Bible under Mark and Luke. In this day and age there is no reason not to protect the history or the value of the coin or currency. No !after were you get it. The 1931 S was found in change. I put it in a holder as soon as my wife brought it home. and sent it in. Don't you know a few weeks later another showed up. There in rolls in change and most in good shape. They will stay that way protected. ....The older notes I bought a while ago. The 1899 horse blanket its also a mule meaning they used a different plate on the reverse. And the 1917 note. Legal tender. I have others. But these have value. This depends on condition of the note. And who signed it. That's right it makes a big difference. They will stay that way for a long time. Paper quality also helps in the value. Look them up do a little reserch. I only touched on a very small reason on value. There are books and the web you will be shocked to learn star notes not worth much unless there a certain year and the signers on the notes. You will know which ones to collect. Just because its a star note does not mean it has value. It may have some but not much. It again depends on what you buy!

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