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31 Dec 2022

G.S.A . Hoard! Morgan Dollars

Coins | Mike

Hi !. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and Holidays.! This will be short. The blog is about the G.S.A. hoard. What was that. The government was going thru bags of silver coins and hit the mother load. Bags and bags of CC silver dollars. Now the chart below will show you how many of each coin was found. This impacted the history of collecting CC dollars.! What were they going to do.?Well they has an auction and the minimum bid was 60.00. and they put a limit on it. Surprising they didn't sell as many as the first year. And sales dropped of in sales after that. This started in the 1970's and sales at first were good. But after that they dropped of.

14 Dec 2022

Encampment Of The Grand Army of The Republic

Medals | Mike

Hi everyone. Hope all is well. I came across this medal and was very curious. I started to look it up. I couldn't find it anywhere. Why? Well its not a medal its a Badge as it was called. The Grand Army of the Republic use to have encampments! It was a basically a reunion of all those who survived or were wounded during the civil war. It was founded in 1866. The badge below is from the 1894 reunion in Pittsburgh. They had medals also. Many different types.This was the 28 encampment. ...Now they had these every year. It ended in 1949. There were 16 members left. It was dissolved in 1956.The last one was in Indianapolis, Indiana. The last member was Albert Woolson He died in 1956 at the age of 109. The whole encampment idea was started by Benjamin F. Stephenson. Now on the back you see allot of words. It has numbers also. It starts 40,9745. Soldier's Entertained in this Hall. 7,9460 sick. The other side says Wounded Provided For At Soldier's home 499205. Now this is something I had never herd of. They would parade through the streets and every survivor was taken care of. The numbers tell the story. They didn't forget what happened. They met friends from different battles. They would laugh and they also cried over there friends that had passed. I think this was a wonderful idea. Even those who couldn't make it were taken care of. And it led up to a day called Memorial Day. The two coins are imporrtant. The first one is from Gettysburg . It has a statement from Joshua Chamberland the hero of Little Roundtop!. The second coin is Antietam. The bloodiest day in our country's history. The first Badge is of one that was taken care of.the second is mine. It has the city's crest in the middle the third one is what the whole badge looked like. And the last one is the reverse of mine. So they took good care of there soldiers. We remember them all the time. But this was them taken care of each other. I hope you enjoyed this little bit of history. Thanks Mike.

02 Dec 2022

Wreaths Across America

Coins | Mike

Every year I write this blog. The story changes. Simply because another soldier has lost his life from war's he fought. War's that keep us free. There is an organization called Wreaths Across America . ...Every year these groups collect money fifteen dollars a wreath. They have it set up with a local florist. They order them were there grown. The ones this group orders are from Maine. Once the wreaths arrive the truck goes to the Military Cemetery' s that are close to them. Some the drive is four hours. Rain or snow each hero gets his or her wreath. Some of the cemetery's start with the early wars on a hill or in the back. As you come down the hill the wars get later and later. There is one grave they found from the Civil War. You see no one is forgotten. There families show up and are overtaken with emotion. They see first hand we will remember you always. We remember the families also. They lost a grand father father mother or son. So if you don't have a group in your area its very easy to set up. The florist will work with you also. They remember. This is one of the best groups that work six months out of the year. For one day. One day that means everything to each family and and every soldier. So if you see someone looking for a donation please do what you can. Five dollars it doesnt have to be the price of the wreath. They go on every year. Because our soldiersare dying every day. This is not a few wreaths by any means. The group in Bay Ridge Brooklyn does thousands. That's allot of fund raising. But the funny part is the money just comes in. Every year I talk about the T.V. commercial were they say our soldiers are being forgotten. Never. Wounded Warriors does a great job. And Wreaths across America will place hundreds of thousands wreaths across the country. Its in almost every state. Because they come from every state. The workers always say a word or two when they leave a wreath. They see the names and each name means a fallen soldier. It might take a few hours but they don't mind. They do this so we will remember. Some lost fathers grand fathers mothers sons and daughters. No they will not be forgotten.

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