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27 Jul 2022


Coins | Mike

Hi everyone hope all is well. I believe one of most important thing in collecting is doing inventory. Whatever you do don't do what I did. I waited to long. Now there is soft where for this. I hope those that use it will list it below and the benefits of what they have. Now I have been collecting 30 years. All my coins are protected that's another thing you should do. My coins are in metal boxes with foam that holds slabs. Now after thirty years I know were most of my coins are. Some I find I don't remember that I had it. I started doing my inventory a few months ago. I'm old fashion I bought an accounting book and it works out great. Everything about the coin goes in one line across. Even how much I paid for it. That's important. Would you believe I still have about three or four months to go? That's because I waited to long. Start with your first coins. Do not wait. Eagles with eagles Franklin's with Franklin's. I even have the amount of silver in ever coin I then add it up on the bottom of the page. This is not fun. However its easy to use. I have a picture of every coin in my registry . So that's taken care of. Putting coins in date order takes time. You don't have to go thru what I'm going thru. Start now. Don't wait. I mean I enjoy it because I like looking at my coins. Soon I will know where every cent is .I open the book to the table of contents. Cents are on page one. Slabs start on page five. So you see it does pay off. The only thing is finding time to do this. I have to make time be wise I didn't do it when I should of. Even my books are in order . I'm at the point were I can open the book and go to any slab any date and grade. Yes I should of started years ago. But when I'm done I will make a copy of every page and keep that in the safe . I hope your getting the idea of how important this is. If you want to sell your collection and the buyer comes over and says do you have the 2013 reverse proof set. Open your book and right away you say yes or no. Sets I have in another section. Year grade what TPG how much I paid and the cert numbers. Not in that order. Everything on the label goes in the book. And I check every cert number twice. That's important. So you have an idea what has to be done. Either with soft where or by paper and pen. Its not easy. That's why I suggested you start from the time you start collecting. It will save you the time and energy later when your done or go to sell your collection. So if you haven't started I suggest you start. It will make life easy for all. Thanks for taking a look I hope you start today!

19 Jul 2022

2023 Morgan's and Peace Dollars

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. This is more of an announcement than a blog. A few of us have found out that the mint will produce five Morgan's and Peace dollars in 2023. One will be a reverse proof set then there will be an uncirculated Peace dollar and Morgan Dollar. Add to that a Proof Morgan and a Proof Peace dollar. They will be released next year. The good news you can order them today. Go to the mint site. Down to the bottom of the page. Click on Coin Programs. Click on Morgan and Peace dollars. They will come up. Have your card ready. By the way you can cancel any coin you don't want if you change your mind! Just bring up my enrollments .Click on the ones you want. They will go into your bag and then chekout. You have just joined the enrollment program. Next year when they are released your card will be billed and they will be mailed to you. Now the mint has not announced this. No trying to get one its already yours. No prices have been posted and no mintage have been posted not even the date when they will be released. I believe the reverse proof set will sell for 175.00. The others around the price of last years. I do not know the price of the proof. So if you want one I would order now. You won't be kicked of ten times and get shut out. Its the best way to buy these. ..No sellout in one minute. Just you getting what you ordered and you have done everything that has to be done. So. Follow the instructions and if you want one now is the time because when its announced they will go in a minute. I wish all of you luck. Be safe and stay well. Mike.

14 Jul 2022


Coins | Mike

Hi everyone hope all is well. I was looking at coins and I came across a new release. Its from the Royal Canadian MINT .Its called The Last Penny. The tenth anniversary of when Canada ended there penny. That was May 2 2012.

29 Jun 2022

Pirates from The Elemental Mint 2016

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. Hope all is well with everyone. Well I have been going through inventory. I came across this complete set of Privateers. This series was done in 2016 and my friend Long strider pointed them out to me. Now as a kid I was fascinated with Pirates and there treasure so when I saw this I decided to buy them. They came out one at a time. There are seven in the set. Now all these coins are two ounces and made of .9999 silver with high relief.They are 40.7 m and 6.87 m thick. Now on top of all that they are all high relief and the detail is remarkably done well. They tell some of the stories that sailors and pirates told while they sailed. We have all herd of the Mermaid or Siren singing her beautiful music as the ships went by trying to lure the ships. Walking the plank. An oldie but goodie I think I have seen that in many movies. The one who put him on the plank was of course the Capitian. And we all know about the great white whale. I mean they covered some of the basis we know about Pirates. The one I did not know was the serpent. Otherwise know as the Frankin. This goes back to the days of the Viking lore as they conquered country after country.And what it comes down to is Davey Jones Locker. When the mighty ship is sunk. All hands lost the Capitan is on all the obverses. The most dangerous was the storm. Today ships have been found with billions of dollars it gold and silver. Some were transporting it others were stealing it. They are still searched for today. And being found. Now when I bought these they were very reasonable. I mean in the 56.00 range. Searching the net I found some companies offering to buy these from you. Why? I have seen certain ones selling for 165.00. I usually do not put prices in my blog. Other searches showed companies selling two or three. The mintages I believe did not go over 60,000. Another drawing factor. Now my childhood fun is treasure and it continues today . Many of you have metal detectors and use them. Believe me there out there. The shows of these professional divers looking for these ships and there treasure I find very interesting. The research and the original investment is very interesting. One show they had found a Spanish Gallion bringing gold and silver back to Spain . After a hurricane in North Carolina the ship they found was gone. They found It one hundred miles up the east coast. People have found gold on these beaches after storms. The water was not deep. The obverse says it all . No Pray No Pay. That's the way it was. And the Capitan would only trust a certain few. But the clues and years of research has rewarded the collecting community for years. The S.S. Republic. One of the richest and the El Cazador come to mind. You can buy these coins on line but make sure there certified. British and the United States sought out these pirates and tried to stop them. That's how much damage they did to commerce. It was a very important time in our history. We were rich in precious metals. And they came from all over the world for it. France,Spain ,Vikings. Many others looked to transport there gold and silver to the east coast banks to there home land. Believe me when I say there are still many ships unfound. I enjoyed this set and I'm glad I could share it to you. There all MS. But the thrill of it is in the hunt!! I hoped you enjoyed this blog as a set that at first was not well known. Its a quality set that describes life on the high seas. Its also enjoyable . Thanks for your time. And if you get the bug like i did enjoy it. Pirates were part of our life. Played a major part in our history even today it continues. Especially today I can only dream of finding treasure but the collecting part of it is also important.

15 Jun 2022

The Queen And Her Coins.

Coins | Mike

Hi those who are still here. I'm not well but I want to put up a blog. There have been many coins with Her Majesty The Queen. I have some. I have the one with the four images of her since she became Queen. Now if I was better this would be. She is probably the most respected woman in the world. With the loss of her husband she has not been doing well. I can tell you when she became Queen but you can look that up. She has been I believe fair to all. Especially all the charity's she has donated to. Political all she has been is pro- active. She meets with the Prime Minister and the House of commons.She is supposed to be a figurehead but she's involved with all. At her age after being sick I have the most respect for this woman . Her coins are stunning. I have more but there away. She is on every piece of currency. Keeping the Monarchy alive has been difficult but she endures. If you get a chance look at her coins.I love the one with the horse and unicorn.Read the part of owernship. I found that to be very different!.

30 May 2022

Taps Across America

Coins | Mike

We all know what today is. Its Memorial Day. It used to be called Decoration Day. A day to remember all those who gave there lives so we can have our freedom. This will be short I'm still recovering. But to think of all those who lost there lives in all our wars is just to much to remember. I can't tell you that number. But we know its very large I usually put up a blog with most of my military coins but the search would take to long. A few years ago someone came up with this idea of playing taps across this great country. Now were ever Americans live they play taps. What ever country. Were I live we have the oldest parade on record. Its also fleet week here in New York All sorts of ships arrived here during the week. So please remember those who's families lost there loved ones. And families that were lost. We have been forgetting these brave men and we shouldn't. But I do see more people coming out going to the Forts in there area. Ours is Fort Hamilton and Fort Wandsworth. Both are on each side of the entrance of the Harbour. So please come out and say thanks. If you play an instrument play taps. Believe me those who are gone will hear it. Thanks And God Bless The United States Of America. And keep those still in service your support they appreciate it!!

25 May 2022

Blogs Will Be Coming!

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. I know its been a while since I posted a blog. This is because of physical reasons and doctors orders. I hope to be back in about two weeks hopefully less time than that. I feel like I'm not contributing to the site but I read some blogs and comment. This is all I can do at this point. However during this period I did become a Life Member. I know the ANA needs money and for given us this space to share make friends I decided why not. They have helped me many times. I want to say thanks to the yng for writing good blogs. I think this is the best group that we have had in a long time. They share there wins and losses. Mostly wins. They bring back memories of when I first started. So I say to the yng thanks for sharing. Below is the new card you get and new number .It also comes with a plaque. When I received it I felt very good that I did this.Those who can should consider becoming a life member. Your helping a organization that has that has helped thousands over the years. They break it down based on years you have been here and they set everything up. My plaque and card are beautiful. So think about it. You will be helping the group that helps us and only asks for a fee. For that reason I believe its worth it.. I'm having a hard time downloading the plaque. I will get that up so you can see what I mean. I told you I would get it. It means allot to me to give back what was given to me for free. New friends some blogs I read twice. I encourage more of us to write one. The research what I have learned here from other collectors you cannot put a price on. Of course with the good there is the bad. That's in every organization.

05 May 2022

Silver Shortage Not True

Coins | Mike

Hi ! We have herd all sorts of stories about a silver shortage. I have been investigating this for three months and now have the answer. I received my magazine Numismatic News. Was I shocked. There is no above ground silver shortage. But that's what every dealer on t.v. and elsewhere will tell you. The government years ago put four statues tying the hands of the mint. I believe the mint has told the 18 bulk sellers to say there is a silver shortage. With a glass and enlarging the article you will see the important four. One in particular. The Bill states that the mint can of buy silver a certain price over spot. Now we know about paper silver sold on Wall street.That has upped the spot almost 200%. The government will not lower this because the national debt is 30 trillion dollars. The other three are basically the same. No silver in any form. Planchets or bars. They will not even lower it. So what happens coins like the Morgan and Peace dollar have already been cancelled. The Purple Heart they have no idea when they will be shipped. Remember this was a pre-sale. Not cheep either. Almost 100.00 for one the other one I think I sells for 72.00. I see higher prices.Medals as you know are selling for 160.00. The choice of coins I believe will be limited.. There selling the Eagles made at different mints in sets of five from last year to this year. The end of last year. So as the heading says the government has tied the mints hands. I'm sorry you might not be able to read it but its there in black and white. I will try and get a better picture. They can't buy bar silver and make there own planchets. How long will this go on? No one knows. So the factors are the four statues ,Wall street driving up the spot. This leeds to more counterfeiting as you read in the last one. Please enlarge the picture. Use a magnifying glass but its there. Please try and read this. It affects us all! Remember Eagles were 49.00 went to 69.00 today 89.00. Were will it stop?

02 May 2022


Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. This will be my last blog for about two weeks. Surgery on cataracts. But it's very important. Just look at the add below. This showed up on the net and magazines. Yes its on the rise at an alarming rate. Why no silver. That's what they say. The truth is the government passed four statutes tying the mints hand from buying silver. One the important one statues they shall not buy silver a certain price over spot. This was driven up by paper silver sold on wall street. The fact were 30 trillion in debt has a direct bearing on this. You can enlarge the article about the add. Enlarge it. That's why programs have been cancelled. The two Morgan's for this year gone. There will be more. Now this has gone up because of the mints hands being tied. They are not allowed to buy silver a certain price over spot. This has gone up because of paper silver sold on Wall street. They will not relax this statue because we are30 trillion in debt. So for one action there is a reaction. Counterfeiting. It has gone up at an enormous rate. You can read part of the article if you blow it up.

25 Apr 2022

My Two Cents!!!

Coins | Mike

Hi everyone. Its been a while. So I chose my two cent piece. The first coin is a pattern coin enlarge it you can see the obverse and reverse. The second is the coin used. If you notice the reverse of both coins are the same! They decided to keep that. The two cent piece showed up in 1864 and had a short run till1873. Why? The coin looked good so good its looked for today. Then why? Well the nickel showed up and the people liked that better. Imagine the people stopped the use of the coin! It was designed by James Longacre. Basically known for the first American coin to say "In God We Trust". Collectors have not given up on this one coin. They still look for them today. It was made of 90% copper and 5% tin and zink. The diameter is 23 mm and weighs 96 grms. The 1864 had a small motto. The Large motto has been found in that year and the years after.


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