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24 Mar 2018

Gem City Business College Rare Educational Note

Odd & Curious Money | Mike

Hi everyone. Well another piece of currency. This currency was used for teaching in Business Colleges back in the 1800's. I was shocked when I saw some of the prices. There is one on  eBay going for a   surprising amount because it's from Notre Dame University. It looks like it's been thrown in a washer and dryer then put under a rock. The funny part is it's raw. When I saw the prices based on the condition of this note i was also shocked. I don't know if some of the prices are based on were it came from because I have seen a wide gap. Two sites have it very high and two others more reasonable. One site calls it the famous bee hive note. In the right hand corner you will see a bee hive. Now there are other notes not many with this but this is called the famous bee hive note. The author did not explain why. Now search the net if you have a name of a college you might find one but there is a market for them. Now anyone who who collects notes kindly leave some info on these. This particular note just seems to be every where. I bid on because my friend decided not to. If you and your friend have the same interest check with each other if you see a note you both might like. You just might loose a friend if  you don't. I sent many messages to my friend till i was convinced he was not going to bid. You should do that with coins also. Always check it's common courtesy that's all it is. Makes things easier.  Don't forget to click on the pictures so y o u see the whole note. It's marked as New. Now that's good like I said with the last note some take a beating very fast. So i hope you enjoyed this note. I'm branching out a little till I get my last token in the Coventry set. Take care and enjoy. Thanks for reading Mike.



Level 3

Thanks for sharing. Love the beehive!


Level 6

That is different. Elaborate design.


Level 6

Wow! Beautiful Looking note! So clear and pristine looking! Great job in winning this one Mike! Thanks for showing us... Love that little Bee Hive in the corner!!! ; ) Kepi


Level 7

I thought you would!


Level 5

That's beautiful Mike. It's hard to believe that they spent enough money to make such realistic money for use in a school setting.


Level 6

Nice looking note.


Level 6

That is a fantastic note Mike.. I love the uneven edges. Very common for the period. In fact it is often a counterfeit tell. This seems to be a good branch out for you. Keep hunting. I know that Token is out there waiting for you!!Thaks!

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