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25 Jan 2023

Have You Ever Heard Of The Silk Road?

Exonumia | Mike

Hi everyone hope all is well? The silk road was not one road but roads connected to each other from China to the Roman Empire.Now this road was over 7000 miles though one country to another over mountains. That's bigger than the U.S. witch is 3000 miles so its double our country !

It started in 130 B.C. and lasted till 1453. That's a very long time. Please click on the map and you will see the road and all the twist and turns. What was trade on this road? Everything that had to do with mankind.Religion ,,Philosophy, Science, and architecture. There were buildings all along the road and every province it went through.

The say the bubonic plague had allot to do with the end of the road. When archeologists were digging up parts of the road they find gold ,silver silk bones of elephants every sort of animal and everyday items. The coin below was found in the hoard of the silk road. Its grade MS. And for how old it is that is remarkable Read the short they put in the holder with the coin.

Parts of the road are paved today from Pakistan to China Its a wonderful story of mankind and the economics and all the other things and different cultures that kept this road going for so long.

When I started to do my research I said what did I get my self into. The Britannica. National Geographic, were just two sources I used. There were page after page. To get this blog to this size was an undertaking in itself. But I took the important things. And the names of famous people I could not pronounce I left out because it got very confusing. I hope you enjoyed this short blog on a road I can't comprehend. I mean 7000 miles that's allot if history. The things they shared they educated people when they stopped in a different province. Thanks and enjoy!!

.P.S. Take some time and read up on it. Very interesting!


AC coin$

Level 6

Excellent narrative. Thanks much. I tend to flow into historical scenery perhaps trying to find a new logic. Fascinating coin and story. Well preserved.

Long Beard

Level 5

I have, in fact. Until this week's history lesson the Silk Road and all the wealth (coinage) travelling along it and at any of the cities along the way. the connection had slipped my mind. Another great blog!


Level 5

Nice history. Old coin is awesome.


Level 6

Don't you love the idea of traveling the "Silk Road"! In the ancient times that is... haha Great blog! Loved it! Beautiful coin indeed! ; )


Level 6

Tanks for the history lesson. Great way to tie coins and history together.

Marco Polo traveled on the silk road to get to china (Cathay).


Level 6

The first question I had in my head was what is brought in return. There is the answer in your card photo. Amazing thing. I always had a thing for this subject. Now I need to look for a coin. Very cool. Thanks Mike. Brilliant blog.

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