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21 Jan 2022

My Microscope

Coins | Mike

Hi!! Last year I bought a microscope. Nothing fancy as a matter of fact it was 35.00. So I bought it and no it didn't work. I tried everything. Christmas my wife bought me an I phone. I decide to try it and it worked. It seems my old phone was older than me.

.What was I going to use it on. ? It hooks up with the house wifi. I had a Morgan dollar I got back with a MS 69. Why not. So I went over the reverse and found nothing. The obverse I started in the cheek there it was a small indentation. You can't see it with your eyes or loop. So I did what N.G.C.does I increased the magnification. There was my 69. Yes it takes pictures.

..No wires you can take it out of the holder. It downloads your pictures. So I'm looking to have fun with this. Enlarge the PICTURE so you can see the mark. I moved so its not sharp. I have found five cents so far with problems I told the author they make billions of these strikes. Your going to find many problems. They don't change the dies that often.

I will be checking some of my 69's to see why. Now that I can see what the graders see. Only 30% of the O mint mark graded MS 70. The D mint 50%. That's just plain sloppy work. It shoudnt happen with the mints technology. There is no reason for a percentage like that. Now with my scope I will be checking some.of my coins.

I doubt I find a new anything. But this small edition will make time go by and enjoyable. Many of the people.on the site have them. Some have bigger ones like the scientist use. I don't need that. I need exactly what I have. It will serve the purpose. Hers a picture from Longstrider. His picked this up on his new peace dollar. So we can use them before we send them also!




Level 3

I also have one and they are great. I have found many an error using that, from machine doubling to die cracks.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

I've always wanted to get a microscope to look at my coins closer. I can't even read dates and mintmarks anymore without magnification.


Level 4

I think that microscope would be good to have for grading.

Long Beard

Level 5

Sweet! I did the same thing, Mike. Bought a cheap one, similar to the one shown but black, and it is way over powered for use on coinage. I need one in the range of 10-50 power, not the 2500 I bought! So glad that you have one and up on the newest technology Pal.


Level 5

Nice microscope! Glad you found out why it was MS-69. The one I have is nice and I like it. Thanks for sharing!


Level 6

Really nice microscope! Now you'll be able to find all kinds of crazy things! haha ; )


Level 7

I might become an author!


Level 5

Very nice microscope. I probably don't need one. I do have a small magnifier thing that works mice. Thanks for the info on your findings.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I have one too but have not used it too much. I did find that they do not work so well with slabbed coins as the minute scratches and imperfections on the slab itself are magnified and obscure coin details.


Level 6

They are great tools. Mine isn't wifi. My next one will be. I did the same thing with my MS69 Peace Dollar. Found a scratch on Miss Liberty's cheek. Lazy arse mint. Thanks.


Level 7

Its a tool that can tells us why we get the grade we do. And its enjoyable . Thanks.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

Nice microscope!

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