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23 Oct 2022

Swanswell Gate Built 1440

Tokens | Mike

Hi everyone. Hope those at the show had a great time. Now down to business. A coin collector working on a set does not just end his research. I kept going because I knew there were more gates in Coventry. But were is the Token.Kempeson didn't make a token of all the gates.

....You see he had to limit his set. And with all the gates he had to choose. Now the gate below was ma built in 1440. Or about that time. You see a photo of it in 1910. It looks pretty beat up. But this gate originally was called the privy gate the name changed laterto Swanswell Gate . One picture shows a a set of stairs that go to the top!!.I would love to see the view.

It would of been nice if Kempson had made a token of all the gates. But as I said he had to pick and choose. There are gates like the Cook Street gate built in 1345. Maybe he wanted the original gates I don't know his state of mind. I can't speak for him. I would of included this gate and rounded of the set.

.....Now you see pictures of the inside of the gate! What's going on.? Well after the gate was refurbished the town saw a way to pay for it by renting it out to visitors. Yes you can spend a few nights there in a building that was built to defend the city. Now this is happening in all of England and Ireland. For a fee you can spend a night in a castle.

To me that is so inviting. Now you say this blog is not about a token. But it is. Its about a gate information I did not include I hope to do another article on all the gates that was built. That will take allot of research. My set was strictly done on the tokens Kempson made that were in the set.

But when your doing that you leave out some information that's important to the collector. Its my responsibility to make sure you have the information. I did a blog on the Saint Michaels Church in Coventry. You ask why was that not in the set. Well it was done by an engraver named T.Wyon. and it was a penny. That's why it was left out. These are all half pennys and done by Kempson. This gate is beautiful. outside and inside.

So I apologize for denying you the information that gives you the whole picture of Coventry. And that will be done with the buildings of Coventry next time. I will not do all of them. I did that once before and it did take allot out of me. But you will get the best I can do. You know about the gates. You know I mentioned buildings. But Coventry is what I'm writing about including these pieces of art. I hope you have a better understanding of the gates. You don't need a token to tell a story and history of them all. Thanks Mike

....Research is so important. I found a .AP of Coventry in the 14th Century showing the walls and some of the gates that were up!!This is why you can't stop. This is an important map!! Thanks

...Please Click on Pictures especially the map of Coventry.


I. R. Bama

Level 5

Really interesting blog. I love learning the stories behind the coins and tokens. Thanks Mike!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Oh Man, get me to Coventry, I would leap into that beautiful bed as soon as I got there. Thanks for sharing, Mike, you have added yet another item to my bucket list. I better get cracking.


Level 6

Beautiful! I love the map you found. It really helps to visualize all the Gates. I would definitely stay in the castle. ; )

Long Beard

Level 5

Your continued research, insight and willingness to share this is immeasurable by any standard. Condors, like any token, are lessons on history with an ability to be held within one's hand. Simply one more of many outstanding blogs.


Level 6

Research never stops for a professional. Very nice place. Beautiful. I can imagine the token. Thanks.


Level 4

I always love old stonework! It is always so cool to see a historical place like that. Great blog!


Level 4

You always do a great job! This would definitely be on my list!


Level 5

Amazing place. I would stay overnight for sure. Just visiting, and seeing places so old and historic is amazing. Thanks for posting.


Level 7

Its the whole town of Coventry. Hitler hated it so much he bombed it several times during the war!!

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