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30 May 2022

Taps Across America

Coins | Mike

We all know what today is. Its Memorial Day. It used to be called Decoration Day. A day to remember all those who gave there lives so we can have our freedom. This will be short I'm still recovering. But to think of all those who lost there lives in all our wars is just to much to remember. I can't tell you that number. But we know its very large

I usually put up a blog with most of my military coins but the search would take to long. A few years ago someone came up with this idea of playing taps across this great country. Now were ever Americans live they play taps. What ever country. Were I live we have the oldest parade on record. Its also fleet week here in New York All sorts of ships arrived here during the week.

So please remember those who's families lost there loved ones. And families that were lost. We have been forgetting these brave men and we shouldn't. But I do see more people coming out going to the Forts in there area. Ours is Fort Hamilton and Fort Wandsworth. Both are on each side of the entrance of the Harbour.

So please come out and say thanks. If you play an instrument play taps. Believe me those who are gone will hear it. Thanks And God Bless The United States Of America. And keep those still in service your support they appreciate it!!



Kevin Leab

Level 4

Thanks Mike!! That's a beautiful coin! Great tributes to all of those who served and/or gave their lives in those wars. Thanks for sharing

It's Mokie

Level 6

My Dad and Uncle were military lifers, I always appreciate Memorial Day, thanks for the reminder Mike!!!


Level 6

Nicely done, people need take time to remember lost ones.

Long Beard

Level 5

This hits on a number of reasons why it's my personal favorite of the blogs you've written thus far. Declaration Day. The true name, which I've called it for many, many years. Thank You, Mom! Your choice of the numerous medals, commemoratives or tokens to have selected, this one resonates for me with the historical time period I enjoy learning about the most. And finally, Fleet Week. Fear the Goat!


Level 4

Thanks for sharing Mike, especially on Memorial Day. Honor and remember.


Level 6

Very nice blog. We'll never forget those who gave all. Beautiful coins! ; )

AC coin$

Level 6

Great blog , Beatifull coin . It's memory America . Beautifull Line . Remember forever we will never forget . Days for Days . In everyone' memory . They are within all the heats of Americans . Many blessings . Thanks for sharing .


Level 4

Nice coins. Thanks for the great blog!


Level 6

Nicely said Mike. I won't forget. Nice coins. Thanks.

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