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22 May 2021

The American Buffalo Nickel

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Hi I hope everyone is well. This blog is not about the set about American Buffalo Nickles. It's about one. The three legged buffalo nickel. This coin has been called Americans coin. It is known everywere. James Earl Fraser created a great piece of American coinage. But since 1937 Americans have been looking for the one made in Denver.. Why it has three legs. Now I have written blogs on this set a few times. But never on this particular coin. I would get messages about this coin and the message would read why did the mint strike a coin like this.

.Well I have to blame the machinery and the employees. Now there was a die clash without a nickel planchet in between the die and when the feeder sent it though there was a clash at that point in the coin. Now the employees stepped in and they were going to fix this. What they decided to do made one of the best varieties that is known today. You can see it with your eyes. They metal that was there had to be removed. So they polished it. Good idea. This was Mr. Young's idea. So they polished these nickels till the error was gone.Upon looking at it they did a great job. To much. They polished Black Diamonds leg away.!!

It became one of the most sought after varitys. Everyone was looking for one. Now a friend of mine Kevin Leab was talking about it. I realized I didn't have one. I checked ebay and there were very few left. So I won a auction. I had my Black Diamond Nickel.. I waited to long. Thanks to Kevin and his son Andrew I finally got one. It's a great coin.

This set was made in three mints. P.D.S. It's one of James Earls Fraser greatest coins. It's made of 75% copper and 25% nickel. It weighs 5 grams and it's 21.2 mm. Who thought that a coin of this makeup could become so famous. The first one has two types. One on a mound and then they changed it to a straight line so there would be less were. In the words Five Cents.

I didn't now how good it was to own this coin. If you ever get a chance you might want to look into it but buy it certified. There are to many counterfeits out there.. I have the two charts below they show what to look for . P!ease enlarge the so you won't get caught short handed. Actually that's a tribute to a coin. They counterfeit the great ones. There wanted and they will do what they have to . Now a variety like this doesn't need a long blog with allot of technical terms. Why no one has written one before about this great American coin is unknown. The picture below shows he was in Central park zoo between Black Diamond and the coin you can see the buildings outside the park. Well I want to thank all of you who took a few minutes to read this. It has the facts and it's easy to read. Be well Be safe.



I. R. Bama

Level 5

This is a coin that should be bought having a tpg to authenticate this particular coin. Thanks Mike


Level 2

you have to love buffalo nickels.


Level 7

Almost all of us do we considerate America's Coin! And the big collector's think so also!


Level 5

A man-made error that is actually coveted.

Long Beard

Level 5

Missing only the 1913 s type 2, 1914 d, 1915 s, 1917 s and 1921 s with a full date and half horn or better to complete my second set. Surprisingly, I got that far in about seven months paying less than $130.00 per coin. A very doable series on any budget. The beauty of the series is that a fine does not look out of place next to an extra-fine if you carefully select them. Few others can claim this.

It's Mokie

Level 6

This is a coin that I have never owned but it is still one of the most sought after coins. Maybe someday, Mike you have lit a fire of desire in my heart. Thanks for a great blog.


Level 5

Great coin to blog about. I have one myself.


Level 6

Great blog! Whats not to love about this Buffalo! Welcome to the Three-legged Club! haha ; )


Level 6

Great blog Mike. Perfect Saturday length. I'm glad you picked one up. It really is an historic coin. Lots of history. We are watching for a 3 1/2 legged. We need to remember that this was just a circulating coin and no big deal when they took the polish wheel to it. Make it good enough to save the dies is all that was required. That is how a rarity classic is made. Not on purpose like the mint today. I love it. Thanks.


Level 6

Nice blog! I never get tired of looking at the Buffalo Nickel.

Kevin Leab

Level 4

Excellent blog Mike!! I enjoyed reading this very much....I also read it out loud for Andrew! Thank you for including us....he had a huge smile on his face when he heard his name. 😊 I love my 3 legged nickel...

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