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25 Nov 2022

The December Numismatist 2022 I Was Published.

Tokens | Mike

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!. Now get ready for sandwiches!! Last October I had a member telling me to submit an article to the Numismatist. I kept saying no. Well he was very persistent. So he told me what I had to do and I sent it in. It took Mr. Caleb the editor of the magazine to email me one day. He informed me the article was very good and they wanted my permission to to print it!. He asked if I wanted to get paid or donate the money. I donated it to the yngs. This blog is different than other. It tells collector's what they should do to get published. It can help. And ask me questions!!

I was schocked. They were going to publish my article! I had pictures to take. So my friend Mokie said Gary (coinsbygary) was a professional photographer. Now I had to send him the five tokens. I was a wreck mailing these. They are one of a kind part of Peter Kempsons Tokens of Coventry. I would not be able to get another of each. They came back I was so relieved. Gary Herman did a fantastic job. Remember these are from 1797.

...Mr. Caleb also told me when the article would be published. Next December!!! I said to myself this is all wrong. They won't remember next December.? Well October I received a text from his assistant she wanted to go over the final edit.! Its going to be published!!. They had the pictures asked some questions about George Frederick Handel. Did I have a map of Coventry. I did from the time they were built. They used a modern map.

They changed a few words around and it was done. They sent an email with the article. I said I didn't do all this. There team did a wonderfull job. I was so impressed. I want to thank my friends Mokie for giving me a little push almost of the mountain. He knew what to do because he has been published before.
What can I say about Gary. His talent for taking pictures made the article. These two friends I will always remember. You need pictures done he is the one to go to. They asked who took the pictures I told him. I wanted his name in it but they wouldn't do it. After reading the hard copy Gary's name is there he deserves it.

....Im proud that I was published again. The first time was in the Clarion a magazine that the P.A.N. group puts out. I received it in the mail and I'm looking at the cover it was about the article. I wrote this to let you all know you can be published also. But you will never know till you try!! I have recommended some based on there blogs they write and to submit one. No they won't print it. No they won't if you think like that. Ask friends for help. You will be surprised.

So I wrote this to thank my friends who helped me anytime I had a question. Thank you Gary. And Mr Caleb and his staff. And the ANA. I have been trying for years. But because Mokie kept pushing i did it. Yes I'm proud. We are here to share our knowledge of coins. What better way then to share it with maybe a few hundred people. Because of this article I received a text from the President of the American Condor Association I'm not even sure if that's the name. He offered me a full year free in his group.

So this magazine reaches allot of people. That's why you should write one. You will have to wait but good things happen to those who wait! Thank you all. Please read the article. The ANA made an old man happy. Im sending a few to my home in Ireland. I don't think they will appreciate me collecting British tokens!!
So write an article! Send it in. They can say yes or no. If they say no write another . As I said five Years never give up. That's in the NGC registry. Thank you all. Because your friends will help. Like longstrider who encouraged me to write. Thank you.

P.S I just noticed that the Clarion was printed when I sent my article to the ANA!! Note Gary did get his name on every page with pictures. Im very happy they did that

. ........The reason I wrote this is because six people in the last blog did not get a chance to read it. They can now. And see the people.who helped and to encourage others to write one!!!


Just got the Numismatist, I’ll make sure to read your article!


Level 5

Congratulations. What a wonderful experience.


Level 6

Mike, you did a great job.


Level 5

Congratulations Mike on having your article on Tokens published. What a wonderful collection! Honored to know you !! Congratulations on your team that helped you ! I need to find a Coventry token for my collection! October 2022 issue of the Clarion you can find me published on page 9 !! Although it's just a picture of me attending the May 2022 PAN show. I am counting it as being published! Congratulations to Mike and team. The best of numismatics!!


Level 6

Can't wait to have the magazine in my hand to read it. Many thanks to all who helped make this possible for Mike! ; )


Level 7

For all. This was written to show that if I can do this you can also. Its not about me its about us. Many have asked how do you get published.? Determination. And most of you have it. Put your mind to it!! Its about all of us!!


Level 5

Believe me; I was a wreck while your tokens were in my possession. When I am responsible for someone else's property, I treat their property better than my own. It is how I'm built. Mike, you pushed me when you didn't accept my first pictures. I just wanted to get your tokens out of my house and back in your hands. You wouldn't let me get away with substandard photos for expediency. Truth be told, I wasn't happy with them either, and it was back to the drawing board for me. I experimented with my lighting, and the result was phenomenal. Thank you for settling for nothing but the best. If I every stop striving to improve, I might as well hang it up. With photography, good equipment will never make up for poor lighting. When will I ever get this one fact through my thick skull!


Level 6

Hey Mike, congratulations! It's a great article. Thanks for the shout out. I know what a wreck you were while Gary photographed your tokens. The USPS will make anyone crazy. Well it all worked out. I read the online edition but am anxious to hold the hard copy in my hand and read it again. Way to go buddy. Talk about a road well traveled. Thanks.

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