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09 Feb 2016


Coins-United States | Mike

Hi everyone. Well I received my long awaited Makrk Twain Proof coin yesterday. The first thing I did was read the C.O.A.. Did you know congress authorized this coin in 2012. That means the design was probably two year's earlier. There was controversial problem's over the C.O.A. and the release dates of the coin. Well in my case they should of taken longer. Upon looking at this beautiful coin I noticed a small sliver of metal above the head of MR.Twain. I followed it with my eye piece,and it went almost a third around the obverse of the coin. This is not unusual with the mint. Believe me over the year's they have had their problems. Don't get me wrong most of the work is spectacular. Their designs have to change. Doe's the coin to back? No. I'm not Abel to repackage the coin,go to the post office and send it back. It goes in the mint's mistake pile. I'm sure everyone's order's will be fine. I just want you to know they are far from perfect. They always will be because coin's are made by people and machine's,and both break down. Maybe next time. I want people to know just because it's from the mint,doesn't mean its ok. Check every order every coin weather it's a penny or a KENNEDY half. If it's not up to your expectations send it back don't wait. After all it's your money,and you deserve the best ,we demand the best! There is one thing you don't do. What's that don't stop ordering. It's our country,our mint.



Level 5

Quality control at the US Mint certainly seems to have become an after thought. Too many of their coins have bigger blemishes than are acceptable to most collectors! It is a shame!


Level 7

Your absolutely wright. Thats why I don't buy very many modern commens ,Mark Twain was a great writer. I loved his books. He is part of our history. His political views were different. They say buy what you like,because your the one who has to look at it! Most of my collection is old. Especially the early commens.I do buy some modery coins. One because I like them. Two every father wants to leave something for his son's. That's why I buy some modern coins. It will be all theirs someday. I believe some of these coins I hope will have there value go up. When my son's reach my age,a modern coin today won't be modern! Thanks for the input. Always welcome!


Level 5

I don't purchase much modern stuff anymore accept for the stuff that WOW's me. I feel that the US Mint is putting out mostly quality material, they just need to try a little harder to produce interesting material. The Mark Twain coins look very nice but some of the other commemoratives in recent history have just been so-so.

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