22 Nov 2018

Coin., a commemorative of the bloodiest day in American history . I did not load the reverse. As you know I cannot load coins this is a test if it works there's no guarantee it will work again this is a second try. The reverse is the famous Burnside Bridge. There were heavy losses on both sides. The tree next to the Bridge I stood next to. In the peaceful setting you can here the soldiers screaming.. I could not load tags it was made in 1937 as a commemorative it's a 50 cent piece it was the first major buy. I made but that was in the 1990's. Not today's prices. I wish in could load the reverse but no luck This is my second try. Here we go . Made in Philadelphia. Thanks Mike Have a great day.could not load reverse. Sorry.


Nice coin! I wish I could have something like that.

Long Beard

Level 5

Wow! Tough grade to track down, very nice.


Level 5

On my list of commemorative to purchase. Would like to have this one and the Gettysburg one. Well actually all of them. The old commemorative have such low mintage. If the area ever got popular, they would be impossible to find at a reasonable price. You would think they would all be stuck away in collections. But they are available.


Level 3

That's a really nice coin


Level 5


I. R. Bama

Level 5

I've been collecting the commemorative coins just the past two years. Most of mine are southern commemoratives, but I have the two Columbians. I'm looking for Lynchburg and Norfolk and a better Alabama without the 2x2. The one I have had a deep scratch, but it was what I could get at the time


Level 3

Very bueitifull, I'm really into the Civil war.


Level 4

I have never seen it before. That is a cool coin.


Level 4

very beautiful! I like those commemorative's


Level 6

That's a beautiful high grade of a tragic event in our history. Great old Commem.. Good luck and thanks.


Level 6

Beautiful Commemorative! The old "commem's" are the best series! Thanks Mike!


Level 6

Wonderful commem. I have a pic of the Bridge, from when I went to a CW seminar.

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