Conder Token

11 Sep 2018

I wrote a blog on this back on May 31 ,2018 go to any of my blogs click on it it will bring you to the months go to May and continue to the 31. I stated in that blog that this had to be one of the first of the die. I was right it came back a P. L. 64. Read the blog it's ok. See what we get from those who take care of there coins we should do the same thanks Mike.



Level 4

wow that is beautiful!


Level 4

That's a really nice coin!


Level 5

Amazing some of the condition of coins and medals from that time period. The people that passed it down through the years kept it in such good condition. Nice coin.


Level 3

That coin is amazing.


Level 5

Insane coin! Keep it up.


Level 4

That is crazy that a coin can stay in a condition like that for so long!

This looks under-graded


Level 7

It was


Level 3

I can't believe it's in so good condition!


Level 6

It is perfect! ; )


Level 6

Beautiful. This token was well taken care of all these yrs.


Level 6

It seems almost impossible that these tokens are in such pristine condition.I only hope to have my collection be that well preserved. Especially when you consider they are made of copper! Amazing!! Thanks Mike.

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