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02 Jun 2016


| MisterCoinCollecter16

does anybody know how much a 1909 d vdb wheat cent is worth? please help me!!!



Level 7

There your answer. Buy a Red Book.


Level 6

Not in existence. maybe take it to a coin dealer and get their opinion. Good Luck!


Level 5

The Denver Mint did not strike Cents until 1911.

thanks guys!


Level 4

If it is an authentic coin, you could be looking at a profit in the millions! Although records do show that the Denver mint never produced any one cent coins in 1909 or 1910, they started producing them in 1911. Who knows? You could take it to a dealer or someone who is a numismatic expert and ask them if its genuine. Just a thought. :)


Level 5

Like others stated, no record of it exists. Get it to NGC or PCGS for authentication.


Level 4

It must be fake, maybe someone added the d.


Level 5

The Denver Mint did not strike any one-cent coins in 1909 or 1910; 1911 is the first year they did so. The facility didn't open/operate until 1906.


Level 2

According to my 2016 red book, it does not exist. If you have an authentic one, the price probably would be very great.

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