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17 Feb 2022

Museum Collections: Israel Museum

Ancient Coins | mrbrklyn

The Israeli Museum, which is mentioned in the Journal Club blog post, is a remarkable collection which holds a great number of archeological treasures, not the least of which is one of the most outstanding ancient coin collections ever assembled. It is a must go trip for any serious coin collector and much of the collection is digialized and on line (see the above link).

The center peice of the collection is the 200 plus silver coins from the 5th-4th century BC from Philistia, Judea and Samaria

that was gifted to the musuem by Jonathan Rosen in 2013. It constitues the largest collection of coins from ancient Israel's Persian period, which we will be soon remembering with the coming of the Purim holiday which recalls the story of Queen Esther and the Persian royal court.

The museum benifits from the very long tradition among Jews in Numisatics and the legendary Jewish dealers and collectors is itself worth a blog article, which I will not write today. Actually, I should have my son write that since he has researched that topic.

The collection includes examples from the earliest coins in civilization up until the modern day.



Level 5

Would be neat to see the coins.


Level 6

I'll be heading to the link! Thanks! ; )


Level 6

I have never seen a collection quit like this. The museum link is great. Thanks so much for the blog about this. I like the way you are doing this. I am learning like crazy. Thanks again.


Level 5

A visit to the museum would be great. So much history. Amazing. Thanks

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