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26 Mar 2022

Pocket change discoveries are the best

| mrbrklyn

this was the best ever look of Washington



Level 5

Not sure what the story is here.


Level 7

Kepi is a level six and she earned it . She never has said a bad word about anyone. She is a great collector and has found coins in her change. I would check you pictures. Not all are as you say. These are the people you are hurting.. Real members , people who want to learn. And we have done that long before you got here. She deserves an apology. Your words against her are against all of us.

It's Mokie

Level 6

I hope you're very satisfied, you have managed to make a mockery of your own words with this pettiness. You need to extract yourself from the mud and, instead, write an impassioned plea to ANA with arguments supporting your belief that more stringent standards need to be set. Even though I disagree with most of your proposal, at least I had respect before. Now it's gone. Grow Up!!!


Level 4

Also, I am practicing a minimalist style of presentation. I was inspired by the Beatles who wrote several songs, intentionally, with a single cord and tried to get it down to a single note. This included the songs ‘The Word’, and ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’. It is an artform all to its own.


Level 6

Why are you mocking our blog site and members??? If you don't enjoy it here just leave... Why make us all go through what seems to be "fun" for you...


Level 4

As a level 6 member, I bow to you. Although you should consider that this is a very good blog with a fine coin. When did you last find a proof coin in your change? I think you have just gottern spoiled of seeing me with much better researched and detailed descriptions of coins and history, but the fact is that this blog, and the others, are exacly equal to the quality and effort of every other blog posted here, with few execptions. EVEN MORE SO, because I took considerable effort to make fine photographs with unique qualities.

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