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06 Feb 2022

New York, New York - a city so great they had to name it twice

| mrbrklyn

Not more than a few years ago the bored engravers of the Royal Dutch Mint hit paydirt with this high tech coin of lower Manhatan that they created to celbrate the 40th anniversiry of the discovery of Manhattan Island. The front side is a projection of the Island before its development, which grew out of a project done by NY WIldlide and Conservation Soceity (who runs the Bronx Zoo). It is authentic to the last tree. The reverse was the current map image of Manhattan, completely to scale, just prior to the new Freedom Tower construction and after 9-11. Buildings are all done to scale from the perspective of a satilite image, all created with advanced technology not yet seen in coin production for a truly brethtaking design. It came in silver and clad as 5 euros. Nothing had really ever been done like it before, or since actually.The initial work, which is nearly 10 years old now, was astonishing at the time and an advanced use of computer mapping and graphics.Today the project continues:

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