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03 Aug 2018

1959 Franklin Half Dollar

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I apologize for the poor quality of the attached photo. I was not going to take the coin out of its container to photograph, and because of the reflective plastic cover, I did not expect to get a good shot, regardless of the camera and lighting.

I am reading A Guide Book of Franklin & Kennedy Half Dollars, Third Edition (Rick Tomaska, 2018 Whitman Publishing). The book jumps right into analyzing each Franklin & Kennedy Half Dollar by year. It's a little overwhelming, but I am working on it (baby steps).  I have a 1959 Franklin Half Dollar proof (Philadelphia). It is not certified; however, the PF-65 grade is valued at $22, whereas the MS-65 of the same coin is valued at $70. If the value of a mint uncirculated coin exceeds the value of the proof, is it because of the uncirculated coin's beauty and rarity?

PS: This is a .9 silver/.1 copper coin, although the photo makes it look like a gold coin.



Level 6

Some of those coin books can be over-whelming. Just have fun and keep up the good work!


Level 6

Most proofs are saved by collectors. Most circulation strike coins do get out into the world. Some coins are much harder to find in Mint State than Proof, some 19th century issues for example.


Level 6

Keep on reading and learning. Have fun with the hobby.

proof coins are almost always uncirculated, although stories have been told of finding proofs in circulation, this means that almost no matter how high your grade is for a proof, it will always be a proof, circulating coin son the other hand are much rarer in mint condition because most people don't take them out of circulation, meaning that the higher the grade is the rare that coin is.

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Level 5

I found a proof in circulation. I guess I'm one of those stories.


Level 7

Proof coins are not touched by hand they were gloves and are placed individually into the proof holders. They are as stated above not thrown into bins. They are struck twice. A simple grade from 66 to a 67 could mean hundred of dollars. Then you have cameo which will increase the price there are many variables. It's up to the grader. It's not what we think. That looks like a nice toning on the coin alot of people like that. Lots of luck with it enjoy it. Thanks for the picture and your work. Mike.

Jonas's Coins

Level 5

Uncirculated coins are worth more an higher grades because they aren't produced as carefully as proofs. For example uncirculated coins might get thrown into a giant bin but the mint handles each proof coin by hand.

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