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02 Aug 2018

Question about grading

| Mrdavie

I assume people have their proof sets graded. Does this mean the plastic package with the proofs are sent to the grading service and each coin is removed, graded, and “slabed”? Is this common practice for the most modern US proof coins?



Level 6

Call and ask questions at the grading company. Sending in any coin or currency can get really confusing. Good luck!


Level 6

Check out what grading company you want to use does. Don't trust anyone but yourself when it comes to money spent.. An awful lot of 'experts" here that know a lot about things they have never done. Just my opinion. I could be wrong.


Level 4

Most people only get proof sets graded if it is worth it. If you were to grade a proof set, NGC would crack out the coins, grade it and either put them each in a slab or put it in a large-size slab with all of them in one. Personally, I just prefer my proof sets in the original packaging. ~Matt


Level 7

Any proof set in good condition check the prices in the grade. Yes proof coins are worth getting graded don't believe everything you read from some yn's. The silver reverse proof set which sold for 54.00. I have seen just the Kennedy just that one coin in three places selling for 99.00 if you do your research and don't go by someone's guess and don't know what there talking about you will be o.k. some graded proof sets you just can't afford sets go for thousands. I know I own some that's fact not a guess. Mikem

Yes, I read on NGC's website how you do things, although if it is in a proof set, it probably means it is not worth it, less an error took place.

Good question. I know with NGC there is a paper you sign giving them permission to remove a coin from a holder, such as a proof set.


Level 7

Grading is very expensive. You have to make sure the coin is worth it. Depends on condition. Doesn't mean a high grade even from the mint. I have seen people get 65 and different grades on the coins. It's very hard these days. Small scratch will lower it marks will lower it. Anything will and can lower a grade. The grader will send a package on how coins are to be submitted. There are all sorts of fees and just to get them back and cost over twenty five dollars. They cost from 17 to 35 per coin depending on what tier you choose. Send it in the wrong way they mail it back and you pay. Call them and the ANA they will help you.


Level 6

Contact the grading service and ask what their policy is. I have not had a proof set graded. Counting each coin, this can be very expensive.

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