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03 Jul 2018

Saving Nickels and Red Book Pricing Guide

Coins | Mrdavie

I filled the Jefferson Nickel coin folders with pocket change, and was left with a pile of nickels. I tried to select the nicest nickel from any one group of a given year/mint. For now, I am keeping a roll's worth of each coin without regard to grade, unless it's ugly. Starting with 1938 and including 1947, The Red Book provides price guides starting with grade VF-20 to PF-65. Starting with 1948 through1965, the price guide starts with MS-60. After 1965 it drops MS-60. From this, I assume the following:

05 Jun 2018

The Official Red Book Price Estimates

| Mrdavie

I'm working on my Jefferson Nickel collection. I noticed in the Red Book price estimates prior to 1948 include coins of lesser quality than MS-60. However, 1948 and later coin estimates start with MS-60. Why is that?

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