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15 Jun 2018

The Buffalo Nickel - Great American Symbol

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I think I read the Buffalo Nickel was issued for the minimum period of time (25 years) and then replaced by the Jefferson Nickel (80 years and still going). The Buffalo Nickel is such a strong image of Americana despite devastation brought on the American Indians and one of their major sources for survival - the Buffalo. The images on the coin are magnificent. I wish the U S Mint would bring them back to the 5 cent piece - to be shared by many who could not invest in the gold Buffalo coins currently available. 



Level 6

Buffalo nickel is the All-American coin. Glad the design was brought back for the gold bullion pieces. 1 of my fav coins. I recall getting them in change.


Level 6

The Buffalo Nickel is one of my personal favorites to collect! I doubt they'll ever be back in circulation. Of course the $$$ gold one remains available. I believe the Indians and the Buffalo we're meant to co-exist with each other. The "Wild West Americans and Government" were the ones who decimated the herds and the Indians.


Level 6

It is indeed a beautiful coin. I agree with the others. We will never see a circulating one again. Too much negative P.C.. Thanks and good luck.


Level 6

It is one of the best designs. Agree with Mike, won't come back as a circulating coin. Available on gold bullion only.


Level 7

That will never happen. And the Americans killed off the buffalo for there fur not even food. The Indians respected them they used all parts of the bison. It is an American icon and a great coin. That's why they make one in gold every year. Thanks for the blog. Mike

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