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05 Jun 2018

The Official Red Book Price Estimates

| Mrdavie

I'm working on my Jefferson Nickel collection. I noticed in the Red Book price estimates prior to 1948 include coins of lesser quality than MS-60. However, 1948 and later coin estimates start with MS-60. Why is that?



Level 7

I found out the same thing Sun found out. It took a while to put my nickel collection together. My son and I did it. It's up to date from start to 2018 and you can do the same. Don't worry about the value worry about the condition of the coins that increases the value of the set. It's a nice set lots of luck with it I was frustrated sometimes but we stayed with it. When you finish it's a great feeling. Lots of luck. Mike.


Level 6

Perhaps because they are worth face value in circulated grades.


Level 6

I was thinking about this ...I tend to agree with "SUN". Unless the Nickel is a variety or error...then it's just probably not worth that much in circulated condition. Interesting blog! Thanks!


Level 6

I just checked as this was bothering me. You can go to NGC, you are a member as a member of the ANA. Go to Resources and then Coin Explorer. From there you can go to any type and year coin you want. Goes all the way down to "G"ood.


Level 3

I’ve been traveling and just read your reply to my blog post. Thanks for the info re: NGC.


Level 6

I never noticed that before. Thanks. No idea why..


Level 6

I believe that most circulated nickels ( except a few) after 1948 do not have much numismatic value.

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