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11 May 2015


Coins-United States | Numinerd9

Coin #1 - 1858-O Half Dime (Reverse)

Coin #2 - 1819 Capped Bust Quarter (Reverse)
Coin #3 - 1935 Hudson NY Sesquicentennial Commemorative Half Dollar (Reverse)
Coin #4 - 1936-D Rhode Island Tercentenary Commemorative Half Dollar (Obverse)
Coin #5 - 1904 Lewis & Clark Exposition Commemorative Gold Dollar (Obverse, showing Meriwether Lewis)
Coin #6 - 1839 Eagle - No Motto + Large Letters (Reverse)

Thanks to all who participated - More of these close-ups image quizzes coming soon!



Level 7

I can't get over this how many did you post? May 15th that's why. Now I know why I missed them. Sorry.


Level 5

Really tough one. Or it is just me :)


Level 6

That was a tough one. How about another try??


Level 6

No Commems please this time. I forgot to say great photos..


Level 5

I find myself great at normal-issue coins, but a complete failure at commemorative coins! I knew #5 was a Classic Commemorative Gold $1, I just got coins mixed :( 'sniffle!

Steven Roach

Level 4

That 1819 is nice except for the reverse scratches... I'm sure the next rounds will be entertaining as well!

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