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20 May 2015

Answers - CLOSE-UP COIN IMAGES QUIZ #5 "Fives & Dimes" Part I

Coins-United States | Numinerd9

1. 1837 Capped Bust Dime.

2. 1914-D Barber Dime.
3. 1874 Shield Nickel Five Cents.
4. 1883 Liberty Head Nickel Five Cents, w/o Cents Variety.
5. 1931-S Mercury Dime.
6. 1868 Seated Liberty Half Dime.



Level 7

I don t even remember seeing this one. So I got none wrong.


Level 5

I should have jumped back to the quiz first!!!


Level 4

Very nice! Keep up da good work!


Level 6



Level 5

I was wrong on the Shield Nickel date!

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