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29 May 2015

Answers - CLOSE-UP COIN IMAGES QUIZ #6 "Fives & Dimes" Part II

Coins-United States | Numinerd9

#1 - 1842-O Liberty Seated 10c.

#2 - 1843 Liberty Seated Half 10c.

#3 - 1939 Jefferson 5c.

#4 - 1930 Buffalo 5c.

#5 - 1954-D Roosevelt 10c.

#6 - 1873 Shield 5c.

#7 - 1792 Half Disme, Judd-7.

Thanks for playing along, everyone! Watch for more of these style quizzes, hopefully not too long after our Summer Seminar.



Level 7

Wasn't as good as I thought. But then again I would of got them with the answers! Thanks for the time and energy. Mike


Level 5

Sorry I missed it.

These quizzes are so cool. Thanks so much for doing them


Level 3

I like the quizzes.


Level 7

Thanks for the quiz! I only wish I received credit for my college degree. I didn't get them all but most of the thanks Mike.


Level 3

Nice coins, and cool quizes!


Level 5

pretty coins!


Level 6

Thanks Numinerd9! : )



Level 5

That was a tough one! Thanks for these quizzes, Numinerd!


Level 5

My pleasure, CMCC! Thanks for participating.

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