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18 May 2015

Close-up Coin Images Quiz #5 - "Fives & Dimes"Part I

Coins-United States | Numinerd9

This time the quiz is only for 5c or 10c US coin denominations, including half dimes (you're welcome for the no commems this time!) As usual, the challenge is to see if you can identify each of the coins pictured, just based on a close-up image of a coin. Of course, you don't have to try coming up with a date and/or mintmark; just name each coin's series. Answers will be posted soon - good luck!



Level 5

Everyone had lots of fun with this one!


Level 5

Hmm, made it too easy this time, eh? I'll see what I can do to challenge y'all for Part II - coming up shortly!


Level 3

I'm in agreement with the others to.


Level 5

I concur with the others.


Level 5

1. Capped bust Dime (not half), Barber Dime, Shield Nickel (By the grade I am guessing the date is 1876-1881), 1883 No Cents V Nickel (Bonus: In VF condition!), Mercury Dime, and post-1859 half dime!


Level 5

I can't help doing the dates!


Level 5

1. capped bust dime 2 Barber dime, 3 shield nickel, 4 1883 no cents liberty head nickel, 5 mercury dime, 6 seated liberty half dime.

Steven Roach

Level 4

1. Bust dime 2. Barber dime 3. Shield Nickel 4. Reverse of 1883 no cents "V" nickel 5. Mercury dime 5. Seated Lib. half dime

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