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15 Apr 2017

Easter Egg Toned Coins

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I just wanted to share some pretty coins with "Easter egg" style toning - a few 1944 steels! The US Mint made 2 franc coins for Belgium on leftover 1943 steel cent planchets. This is about as close as any of us can ever come to owning a "44 steel. Enjoy and have a Happy Easter, to those who celebrate the holiday! (Wanted to show them from a few different angles; tough sometimes for me with the iPhone camera to do nice toning like this justice; still very nice colors, imho.)


The toning is straight from a rainbow, lovely addition to the already interesting coins.


Level 4



Level 4

Lovely coins, especially the toning on them.


Level 4

Real Nice Toning - Understated, but there - Great !


Level 6

I'm a big fan of toned coins. Those are beautiful. I'm starting to enjoy world coins more and more. Thanks!!


Level 6

Love the toning! Very pastel and pretty! Happy Easter and thanks for sharing!


Level 5

I recently picked up one of these. It seems they are usually found in high grade. I wonder it they didn't circulate much.


Level 6

Nice coins, pics came out good, showing them off. I always liked this particular coin. I found a bunch in a dealer's box years ago.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

never knew that the us mint made coins for European countries

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Mike Burn has a blog about the U.S. Mint in San Francisco striking coins for the Philippines you would likely enjoy.

Pliny The Elder

Level 5

Those look great. I hope all the kids find them hidden in the yard okay! Happy Easter, one day early.


Level 6

Thanks for the photos. Nice toning!

Nice coins! I'm blessed that a friend of mine gave me one like these last month. Thanks for sharing, my friend!


Level 4

Oooh, what lovely toning! Thank you for sharing these beautiful coins with us!!


Level 7

Thanks for that it's very nice gesture. The coins toning Is beautiful not to heavy. Thanks for taking the time and those great pictures.


Level 5

You are right about very nice color and suggestive of Easter Egg toning. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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