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18 Sep 2015

Online YN Auction - More Featured Lots

Young Numismatists Exchange | Numinerd9

It's now less than 24 hours until the big YN Auction is here! I hope everyone who wanted to participate was able to get in their YN Dollars requests (again, this is the ONLY form of payment acceptable for the YN auction; newer style YN Dollars or the "obsoletes" will work as payment.) All bidders who successfully win lots will be sent an invoice within a few days of the end of the auction; probably on Monday the 21st or Tuesday the 22nd. DoNOT send in your payment for lots won until you have received an invoice/e-mail from me!! Here's one last look at a few featured items:

Lot 16: 2008-S Silver Hawaii Statehood Quarter - NGC Proof 70 Ultra Cameo. If you're going to collect the 50 Statehood Quarter Series Set, why not collect the very best? It doesn't get any better than a PF70 UCAM - and in 90% silver too!

Lot 24: 1958 Canada $1 - British Columbia Centennial - Toned Choice Brilliant Uncirculated. One of the more aesthetically pleasing commemorative reverses found on Canadian one dollar coins. This one is a problem-free uncirculated specimen, with some interesting toning on the obverse. See the listing in the catalog for more info on this beauty.

Lot 44: 1964-D Roosevelt Dime in an Older Generation PCGS Holder - "SAMPLE" Slab.Many of us older collectors remember seeing these things all over the place in the late 1980's and into the 1990's. They were everywhere, and were readily available for purchase for around $1-$5 each. Nowadays, it seems there is a lot of collector interest in these sample slabs, and the prices have definitely risen in today's marketplace. Here's your chance to get in on the action!

Don't forget to check out the lots in the catalog on this website; know what you are going to be bidding on and plan for how much you'd like to bid on the items you like, depending upon the amount of YN Dollars you have and what you think the lots are worth. Most lots will start around the YN$10-50 range, but don't expect them to stay that low for long. See you all Saturday morning (well, you'll be able to see me, even though I won't be able to see you!) Best of luck to all YN bidders!!
--Sam Gelberd, ANA Numismatic Educator.



Level 6

Those are some nice items, a little bit of everything.


Level 4

I wish I had bid that time. I had tried a few times to win an auction, but I couldn't see the current highest bid!


Level 5

A terrific idea for one and all.


Level 3

I started collecting sample slabs awhile back -- fun to collect


Level 7

I think putting on auctions is a fantastic idea! You have some nice coins and everyone can have a nice time. Good for you for doing the work made some people very happy. I congratulate you and your idea's it keeps collector's interested. ..


Level 7

Hi Mike Burn. I wanted to follow you and what happened I left a message for someone else on your page. I'm sorry I clicked on you! It was about nickels and now I can't rember who I wanted to leave the message for. On well I am getting better Mike Have a great day


Level 5

Very good auction, looking forward to next years auction.


Level 5

the auction was very fun!


Level 5

Thank you, glad you enjoyed it - it was a very fun auction to put on, and I look forward to doing it again next year!


Level 6

Looks like fun!


Level 5

Are you going to bid?

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