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12 Dec 2016

Treasure found in (my) pocket!

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As further proof that you CAN still find actual collectible coins, or "Treasures" in your own pocket, here's my latest find: a 1939-D Jefferson Nickel! I've always searched my change since I was but a wee lad in the 1980's, always hoping to find this coveted (relative) 'key date' Jefferson in my change.(My wife came home from buying dinner the other night and received this in her change.) When I saw it i thought it was maybe a 1959 (yeah - it's time I got some glasses for my failing, tired 45-year old eyeballs!) I've found several 1939's over the years, and even some "wartime composition" nickels, but never this key date. And while I realize that calling this coin a key date, doesn't compare to big time keys of say, Merc. dimes, Washington quarters, et cetera, but when you compare this to other (normal die) Jefferson nickels, this is the one with the highest retail value, and it's the only "39-D I've ever even owned. It's problem-free, in a decent/choice VF condition - and it only cost me face value! Keep looking closely at your change, everybody - you never know when the lightning will strike! So what have you found lately in your change? Post some of your recent finds!



Level 2

nice 👍

AC coin$

Level 6

Exquisite condition, the punching and relief are fine. Congrats!!!


Level 5

Found a what looks to be MS-65 1932 Washington Quarter in a roll.


Level 4

good find.


Level 5

Awesome find!


Level 5

Nice find!


Level 3

Amazing treasure found.


Level 4

Amazing what you can find in circulation! My brother found a 1904 indian head cent once!


Level 3

I keep looking! I know it'll be worth the wait.


Level 4

Hey that is way cool and I felt lucky when I found a silver quarter in the reject tray at a coin star. Great share!


Level 5

Nice find. I received a couple of Roosevelt silver dimes in change just a month ago.

Nice 👍


Level 4

Wow!! Last year I found 2 silver dimes ('52 and '63) and a buffalo nickel in change.


Level 5

once, in 2013, i was CRHing and found a 1939-D in MS. nowadays, i barely get anything pre-1950!


Level 5

1939-s i mean


Level 4

Amazing!! I sometimes find wheat cents in stores on the floor. Good find


Level 4

Outstanding information! Thank you!

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

very great find i am also in search for that coin


Level 5

At my coin store, I always pay in cash for two reasons: to avoid taxes, and to get change. I have gotten BU quarters, wheat cents, and I once got an XF 1939-D Jefferson nickel. I had a VF coin on my watchlist on eBay for $12.00, and then I found that!

Congratulations! And thanks for the reminder to keep watching... The best I've ever found in my pocket change was 1952-D Roosevelt dime that was worth about $2.


Level 6

Great find! Years ago I almost completed a Jefferson nickel set from circulation. The only 2 I couldn't find were the 1939-D and 1943-D. Yes, I did get a 1950-D in change. Keep looking!


Level 5

Thanks! Yeah, I'm still waiting to find my first "50-D in circulation too. Speaking of completing sets from circulation, about 10 years ago I met someone during Summer Seminar who had just completed an entire set of circulated Franklin Halves from searching through rolls of halves from the bank; not an easy thing to do for any of us I'm sure. Happy hunting!


Level 7

Well if that is not a good feeling! I like when that happens. Good blog with good news can't get better than that! Congratulations it should happen more often. I always check you never know what you will find. Lots of luck and good hunting!


Level 6

Way to go. The key to the Jefferson Nickel series.

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