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04 Dec 2017

Year End Reflections

Coins-United States | Peace Silver

Hi this is favorite month of the year. Year is almost over so I could reflect the current year and get to start thinking about upcoming year. Here are few questions for you:1) What was your best numismatic purchases for this year?2) What are your numismatic goals for next year?Mine was being able to purchase Dansco 7070 album so I could start the US Type Set. I look forward to working on getting my Peace silver dollar collection going next year.

03 Apr 2017

Counterfeit Coins

Coins-United States | Peace Silver

Last few years, I'm noticing a lot of counterfeit coins being sold in Ebay and other places. How are you protecting yourself from the counterfeit coins ?

17 Dec 2016

Wish List

Coins-United States | Peace Silver

Since we are nearing Christmas, here is the question of the day.What coins are on your wish list ? Why?My wish list would include:Complete set of Silver dollars from 1794 to 1935 including 1804 Silver dollar. Always liked big shiny silver dollars that could lit the room. Unfortunately, most of these silver dollars are way out of reach for me. But I could always wish...Merry Christmas to everyone !

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