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25 Apr 2017

Favorite Bullion Coins?

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What are your favorite bullion coins minted currently ?  Why?

My favorite bullion coins are:
1) Australian Lunar Series
2) Chinese Panda Series
3) Somalia Elephant Series

Also, I'm anxiously waiting to see the latest Canadian Nomadic Own series in person. It's 1oz silver coin with Rhodium coated coin.
It's a interesting concept.  Royal Canadian still had them on sale on their website and it was cheaper than any other US dealers.



Level 1

have set American silver eagles my favorite,also peace silver dollars

Peace Silver

Level 3

Update - I received the Canadian Barn Owl silver coin with Rhodium plating. They look great !

Canada has put out some great bullion coins featuring wildlife birds, and has done a beautiful job on them.


Level 4

I like the Eagles, but I think they are all pretty cool - So I have a few of the favorites everyone mentioned - The Rhodium coated owl coin looks really awesome & the Rhodium - I was a bit surprised at the price point, but the Rh is expensive & now it is an extra minting process - So there it is for us to choose !


Level 6

American Eagles are at the top of the list.


Level 5

American Silver Eagles and Mexican Silver Angels


Level 7

American Eagles hands down thirty years still going. Great design never go out of style.


Level 6

American Eagles, no contest.

Conan Barbarian

Level 5

i dont have a favorite but all of those are very beautiful coins

I'm a fan of American coins, so the American Silver Eagle is my favorite!

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