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05 Jul 2019

New York Assay Office Silver Ingots

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New York Assay Office 45 oz class silver ingots are like bricks of fine silver, awesome to hold. For more information on them see SILVERINGOTS.COM Nothing for sale just free info!


Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Great informative site.


Level 7

I know one thing . If the economy drops silver and gold will take off. And you will be sitting very nice. Every time the market drops and the interest in the dollar drops up goes the precious metals. It's a good investment. Just hope the dollar drops. It will we just don't know when. Thanks.


Level 6

I'd love to add one of those bricks to my collection! ; )

Silver Ingots

Level 3

Check out the registry under New York All to see just how few of these are out there! I've been tracking them for about 11 years and have researched auction records and archives to develop the registry list. If I can find record of them post-1980 I assume the survived the melt.


Level 5

Informative site. You should write a small blog here to get more interest.

Silver Ingots

Level 3

Thanks LNCS, hope to do that in the near future!

Glad that this is just info, not commercialism. Do you collect certain types of ingots?

Silver Ingots

Level 3

My collection is focused on silver ingots produced by the United States Government in New York, Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia. They date from 1892 to 1964. I want to share the information gathered in my research as there is no where to turn to find anything on these until now.


Level 6

I went to this site. He is correct. There is nothing for sale. He has interesting info on his research and collections. So, not being the trusting type, I called. Nothing for sale..We all need to calm down. There are sale blogs here, but this isn't one of them..

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