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16 Jul 2019

San Francisco "Grease Bars"

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100 oz class silver ingots produced by the United States Assay Office San Francisco are fairly common; most have no markings and are the true "grease bars" with only the weight marked in grease pencil. Early productions were hallmarked, serial numbered and stamped with 999 fineness. As time passed and demand increased, production ramped up and markings fell by the wayside. The U.S. Treasury Department letter pictured, announces the reduction of fineness to .996 and .998 as of November 1, 1967. The ingot pictured is a very rare .998 example with hallmark.For more information on grease bars, check out SILVERINGOTS.COM

Ken Conaway



Level 6

That's the coolest! Love your blogs!


Level 5

Another cool item. Thanks for sharing.


Level 4

Great historical information. Pat, if you are able to get ingots from the mint let me know. ... :-)

Thanks for the information, learning lots of new things about ingots!


Level 7

So this letter dated 1967 tells me I can call the mint and order these? Just curious.


Level 6

These are great blogs. I hope you continue with more. I am learning things I didn't even know about..Thanks. Grease Bars! Who'd a thunk it??

so these ingots are like the fast food of the numismatic/ingot world? lol

It's Mokie

Level 6

Who new they even existed? Not Me. Thank you for sharing your passion for these incredible silver ingots.

Don't even think about slabbing it!

Seeing as how much regular over-sized slabs cost, It might be cheaper to buy the ingot itself than it would to have it slabbed!


Level 6

Good one WWC. Made me laugh.

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