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26 Jul 2019

U.S. Mint Philadelphia Silver Ingots

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Silver ingots from the United States Mint Philadelphia are some of the most rare United States Government silver ingots. Production was very limited and according to information passed down over the years, these were not available to the general public. Most of these are dated 1946, one is dated 1956 and one 1960. Other examples and more information is available at SILVERINGOTS.COM Check out the Philadelphia Registry to see just how few of these I have been able to find!
Ken Conaway



Level 6

These are so interesting. I love your collection! Keep em' coming! ; )


Level 6

That is the most unique way of collecting I have heard of. So beautiful. On a personal note, it is well worth going to Ken's web site for further reading. No way is this a silver stacker. This is a very unique, well planned, and researched collection. I admire your individuality Ken. Thanks again.---John


Level 7

Nice to own especially if silver goes up. I like bars and bricks but I'm a coin man at heart. If I'm buying a brick i want the paper work. I want to know what's in it. You can put anything on a brick but we don't know what's in it. I would have to bring it and have it checked. Thanks for your blogs they have been interesting.

I remember reading something once about a antiques collector who frequented estate sales. He went to a sale once and didn't find anything interesting but on the way out noticed a sack being used as a door stop. Inside the bag was a 70 pound silver ingot that the family failed to notice. He purchased the ingot and carried it home, which was difficult because he was an older guy, and even left it on his front porch ( an old New York brownstone) until he could find someone to carry it up the stairs for him. Your ingot collection is interesting. The US Mint ingots are fascinating because they could have once been old silver dollars and more.

Silver Ingots

Level 3

Great story about the 70 lb ingot!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Fascinating collection, Thank You for sharing your knowledge.

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