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07 Jul 2019

U.S. Mint San Francisco 5 oz Class Type Set

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There are 17 varieties that make up a complete 5 oz class Type Set of Mint Of The United States At San Francisco silver ingots. It has taken years of research and collecting to document this. Mint records are nonexistent as it relates to details of production so precise chronological ordering is based on Lot numbers and a few actual Mint receipts I have assembled.At SILVERINGOTS.COM I present each of these varieties along with information about each of them.Ken



Level 5

Thank for sharing your knowledge on these.


Level 7

That's what I like you learn something new every day. That's why I read blogs and comment.


Level 6

Enjoyed the blog. Learned something new.


Level 6

I am so happy you put up this blog. The research you present in your web site is impressive. Thanks Ken.

Silver Ingots

Level 3

Thanks for reaching out, seems to have gone a long way in helping things and I appreciate that! Ken

Sounds a cool thing to get into

It's Mokie

Level 6

Never knew they existed, Thank You for Sharing your Passion for Mint Produced Ingots.

Prodigy Coins

Level 4

Interesting information. Thank you.

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