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30 Jul 2019

US Mint San Francisco Ensemble

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I've been at this a long time, pictured is an ensemble of silver ingots from the United States Mint San Francisco spanning the entire run from the early 1930's to 1960. The Mint status was changed to an Assay Office and later silver ingots were produced under that hallmark.I was very fortunate to have access to a lot of opportunity early on, acquiring examples from older collectors that had not seen much interest in their holdings to that point. +/-15 years ago, there was not much competition to buy these. To date, the 5 oz class ingots remain more desirable that larger counterparts and carry a much higher premium.Over the years, research and writings that I have done have contributed to increased popularity and today, any United States Government silver ingot will be offered with a huge premium.Hope everyone enjoys the picture, it was 15 years in the making! Check out SILVERINGOTS.COM for more on these and other United States Government silver ingots
Ken Conaway



Level 6

Great blog! interesting subject matter.

Definitely the top Registry Set for silver ingots ever (should they ever start doing them for ingots). You must have very sturdy floors.


Level 6

Great blog. I was wondering how long you were at this. Thanks, I enjoy your web site..

It's Mokie

Level 6

What an awesome collection of Silver. You should be very proud of your collecting efforts, Thank You for continuing to shed light on a part of our hobby I knew nothing about until your recent posts.


Level 4

This is a wonderful blog. Bang on, as the British would exclaim! ... Continued blessings!


Level 7

Great shot and great set . I'm glad you staid with it. . Now if silver goes up. You will do very well or will you save them. I think I would melt them into a bit larger bar. Not to big. Good for you. I enjoyed the blog very much.

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