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27 May 2022

1945 Dos Pesos Gold Coins

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I typically refuse to buy foreign currency seeing as my area of expertise and interest lies in the realm of all things American, but when these two Dos Pesos gold coins came up, I just had to have them! Weighing in at around 1.5 grams each and containing 90% gold content, I was actually able to pick these up around 3% over spot during the most recent dip. The detail on these things is absolutely incredible, and despite being around 80 years old, their luster has remained nearly untouched. To be completely honest, I did not realize how small these would be (about the size of a nickel), but I guess that's just a convenient excuse for me to buy some of the larger gold coins minted by Mexico!



Level 6

Great coins to own. I am a big fan of older Mexican coins. Mostly silver but I do have some gold as well. Fantastic history in them. Good get. I'm hoping to get a gold 20 peso 1917. It's a bit pricey so may take a while. Thanks.


Level 7

If you could spread these out it would be better for you. Thanks

AC coin$

Level 6

Woooow ! Beautiful coin . Thanks for sharing.


Level 6

Beautiful coins! Wait till you have a Mexico 50 Gold Peso in the palm of your hand... That feels good! ; )

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