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28 Jul 2014

WFoM Collector Exhibits Area Will Be Full - Prepare to Spend Some Time with Us

World's Fair of Money | DisplayName

ANA members will fill the Collector Exhibits Area at the upcoming WFoM.  We have 69 exhibits planned, filling a total of 285 cases.

The material covers many areas of numismatics.  Be sure to include our area in your plans -- we are located beyond the dealers and club tables.  Unfortunately, it will not be possible for the public to view the exhibits before being admitted to the bourse.



Level 6

A lot work went into these exhibits! ; )


Level 7

It sounds interesting should get a good turnout.


Level 5

It sounds like a considerable amount of effort was put into this project!


Level 5

I want to see those exibits


Level 4

Thanks for sharing information like this.


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