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19 Sep 2020

Distracted By The Silver

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Good morning folks,

Today I'd like to share a recent experience in my numismatist life. Recently I ran across some really nice nickels in my pocket change, so I did some research and found that these were the Westward Journey nickels. I called my local dealer and he told me that he had the 2005 and 2006 sets, but not the 2004 set. I told him okay and asked him about a 1982 & 1983 Souvenir set. He told me that he had the 1983, but he wasn't sure about the 1982. I told him I would be over to pick up the sets that he did have.

Now let me interrupt here with some what I call "life lessons". During my formal schooling years, I, like all my classmates, learned how to read and write. Now we'll get down to where the "rubber meets the road". All that reading and writing won't do you one bit of good unless you've picked up some comprehension skills to go along with it. I went to Mark's coin shop to purchase the nickel sets and the 1983 Souvenir Set. While I was there, I happened to notice a U.S. Mint 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set (2017). It was opened and on display, and so I bought it also and blew my budget. I'm also thinking that if I buy a 2004 proof set, it will have the Westward Journey nickels in that set and I could crack them out, so I bought one of those also.

When I got home, I realized that I needed the 2004 Mint/Proof set intact. I have since obtained the 2004 Westward Journey nickel set that I needed, but I'm still short on the 1982 Souvenir Set. I will be blogging about those sets in a future blog. I think that I'm going to come out okay on this, but I now have the Uncirculated 2017 Coin Set that I really didn't need, i.e., I was distracted by the silver! As always, enjoy the pictures and stay safe, HEALTHY and coronavirus free!

Charlie aka slybluenote



Level 5

My grandfather started my US Mint Proof set collection for me before I was born. Now I get a new one each year. I love the way they reflect images back to me.

Sometimes the gut is right, these are some great pickups you should be proud. Special silver can always make the mind wander, especially with that kind of finish. Goo cluck on the 1982 set!


Level 5

Yup, we all do it, go to a brick and mortar shop or even online and we are there for one thing, suddenly at checkout we have five. lol, done it more than once and will do it again. Nice coins though. Enjoy em.


Level 6

Hope you reach your goal soon on the souvenir set.

I. R. Bama

Level 5

@ Mokie, Yeah that happens to me too. Fortunately, they all seem to be upgrades of what I already have. The old ones go back into my stock I'm building to someday sell at coin shows after I retire.


Level 6

Nothing like the shiny silver to make one blow their mind and their budget. I believe it has happened to all of us. Coin shows are the worst/best. My mind goes into overload. Thanks Charlie.

Long Beard

Level 5

The shiny stuff always gets me as well. Sometimes I think the dealers use more lighting on them to further lighten my wallet.

It's Mokie

Level 6

LOL, every one of us has befuddled ourselves and purchased duplicates or some other such silliness. Welcome to the many wonderful pitfalls of this great hobby. I am sure I will do something like that in the near future, again.


Level 5

Very nice sets and coins. Your getting me interested in sets now ! I have not been looking at mint sets , but might change my mind. Thanks for posting.


Level 7

Great Pick ups. Your doing this right. I love reading about collectors buying what they need. You have the passion of the hobby. I have the westward set. It's part of our history. I'm glad you picked it up. It's very popular. I took them out and put them so in my Dansco album I like the book it has the date and what coin goes in. . Then I slide the plastic in the slot and still today the luster blinds you. I enjoy your blogs and putting your sets together!!! The Enhanced Uncirirculaded set I love but it is underrated. I know someday it will go up. Some sets take time. This one will take of someday. I have it slabed. I love the look. !!

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