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06 Aug 2020

Last of the Mohicans?

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Top O' the morning folks!

I wanted to blog about my Kennedy Half Dollar collection this morning for a couple of reasons. The main one being that I'm just 7 coins away from having what I call a "complete" collection. I'm sure that in a previous blog, I mentioned the business strike collections. The only coin show that I have attended, there were a couple of vendors that were selling "complete business strike" Kennedy Half dollar collections for $325. This led me to start asking questions and doing research. My 1998-S Matte finish, key date set cost $245 by its self! This is when I learned the difference between the 3 different strikes that the U.S. Mint uses to make coins. My collection not only consists of a complete business strike, but encompasses the Proof coins as well. Naturally, the 7 coins that I need to obtain are silver or proofs, but I'm closer now than when I started, and none of them will cost more than a $100. I'm looking at 2 months away from having a complete collection at the most.

Another reason for my blog this morning is to ask for advice. There are a few years that I'm using the Kennedy from a Proof set as part of my collection. This is just "mildly" disturbing. I've considered just putting a sticky note on the inside of the storage box indicating that the coin is part of a Proof set. Believe it or not, another 2012-S Silver Kennedy Half dollar just isn't in my budget right now! It's the same situation with the 2019-S Silver Kennedy and the 2020-S Silver Kennedy (pictured in this blog). I have 5 of the remaining 7 in a "wish list" at a dealer with the 2016-S Silver costing the most at $52.66. Another one that I'm excited about is the 2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated 225th Anniversary Kennedy. It's affordable at $12.28. In other words, there's light at the end of the tunnel!

Hopefully, the next time I blog about Kennedy Half dollars, it will be to announce that my collection is complete. I do plan on adding varieties when possible, like the 1964 Enhanced hair version and some more of the Apollo commemoratives when my budget allows. After my Kennedy collection is complete I plan on concentrating on my U.S. Mint Proof sets and my quarter collections. Also, I spoke to Mark at CNY Gold and Silver Exchange (my local dealer) who also happens to be the President of the Camillus Coin Club, and he told me that he would let me know when they can continue their meetings and that I would be more than welcome. I will certainly blog after I pay my dues! My numismatic knowledge is expanding already Moke! :-)

Until next time, please enjoy the pictures of the Kennedys and of me during my recent camping trip! Stay safe, HEALTHY, and coronavirus free!

Charlie aka slybluenote


Long Beard

Level 5

Always a pleasure reading your blogs. As related on a previous blog comment, the manner in which you mix personal enjoyment, things other than coinage, and family seamlessly into a blog is perfect. Stay healthy and safe, Sir.


Level 5

Thanks to everyone who responded ! Also, I will be joining the club just as soon as they have their next meeting Golfer! It helps knowing the President of the club for sure!

Those have some DCAM as you would expect, but beautiful nonetheless. Keep up the hard work!

It's Mokie

Level 6

Charlie, you are making great progress on your set and I know your collecting journey is going to take you far because you have that intangible that all of us true numismatists have. Love of the hunt, love of the aesthetics, and that giant heart emoji hanging over your head everytime you make another purchase. Keep em coming!!!!


Level 4

Awesome! I hope to see your post soon, Charlie!

I. R. Bama

Level 5

I guess an example for me is my Washington quarters collection. For some years I haven't been able to find uncirculated examples or circulated examples that I would find acceptable to obtain, so I have filled in with some proofs. Doesn't bother me a bit. I'm not far along enough in my collection that I can be that choosey. I would prefer to fill the holes as soon as possible and after I complete them then upgrade to a better example of each coin. All my albums are mixed with coins I found in circulation, circulated and uncirculated coins and proofs. I don't really set out to buy proofs unless that is all I can find. I like business strikes cause it is more difficult to put together a nice set of circulated and uncirculated business strikes. That's a challenge I relish..... So don't sweat it and enjoy your collection!


Level 6

Good luck in finishing soon

while it might be harder to present if you count the proof sets, at the end of the day, you do have that coin, even if it is encased in a set with others. a 1993-D is still a 1993-D whether it is in a mint set or a 2X2 holder


Level 5

My thoughts exactly Liberty! Hopefully I'll be financially able to replace the "sticky notes" with "coins in the collection" instead of coins in the proof sets! :-)


Level 6

Your getting there pretty fast. Also sticking to your budget. Well done. Good luck.


Level 7

I'm waiting for the Uncirirculaded set to come out. P&D. Then I will have my set in two Dansco albums up to date. You have four coins for ever year. Proof, silver proof ,P&D. The Uncirirculaded set fills my cent book my nickle book dime P&D Kennedy . Then I'm done for the year. Never give up. I was them selling just the P&D book for 390.00. You will get there.


Level 5

Having the proof sets is fine to complete a collection. Maybe once you have them all, consider buying duplicates of the ones in proof sets? Plenty of proof sets are taken apart for single coins, so plenty of examples are available as singles. Join the coin club ! My club is having a picnic this evening at a local park overlooking the city of Harrisburg.

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