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01 Dec 2021

Storage and this and that!

Collecting Tips | slybluenote

Well, it’s that time of year folks. Unlike last year, this years inventory is being accomplished digitally, which to me is a massive undertaking due to my seniority and the learning curve involved. I’m using Numbers for my spreadsheet/inventory and Pages Note Taker for my journal. I’m making great strides on my inventory. I’ve got my purchases from last year entered along with a couple of entries from 2020 that I had neglected to enter. Each sheet is named for a denomination with multiple tables including one for supplies. It’s not 100 % done, but it’s relatively close. I still have to convert my 2020 and 2019 entries. My coin closet is in disarray as can be expected during a inventory, but I have last year’s pen and paper inventory to assist me, so needless to say, keeping accurate account of your inventory is of the utmost tasks you can achieve. I’m also considering replacing the dehumidifier at this time also. Storage is also one of the things that should be of particular concern.

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