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23 May 2020

The Best Things In Life

Coins-United States | slybluenote

Summer before last my baby sister and I went on an impromptu trip over to Memfus (Memphis, Tn.) to find Elvis. Since this type of thing doesn't occur very often, I was excited. I drove from Central New York down to Virginia, rested up for a few hours and we departed Virginia about 0230 a.m. We arrived at our Air b&b about 1730 that day which was a Friday. Since I'm a blues guy, we had plans to eat dinner at the Blues City Cafe on Beale Street the next day (Saturday). We had also talked about taking a tour of Graceland. I'm also a musical kind of guy too, so I was interested in Graceland because I had never been there. I used to drive a big truck down to Memfus twice a week, but had been no further than the Fedex terminal. Come to find out, we had to book our tour of Graceland the day before we took it. So we booked our tour for Sun. It's a pretty long drive from Va. to Memphis so we were discussing the trip back over dinner on Sat., and determined we should stay one more day and leave on Monday morning instead of Sunday night.

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