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11 Apr 2020


Exonumia | slybluenote

I only own 2 Medals. 1 is the First Lady medal that came with my Presidential Kennedy dollar. The other one I didn't realize that I had until I readDr.Darryl's blog. I split my government service into 2 periods. The first period I was in artillery, in which I spent 6 years. My next 21 years was spentin what I call the "Deep State" :-) I started this period as a 72G, Telecummunications Center Operator. I progressed through the ranks to E-5 again.I was an E-5 in the artillery also serving as a Motor Sergeant. After completing 72G school I attended an extra course called the DSSCS (DefenseSpecial Security Communications Systems) course. While attending this school, I was visited by two gentlemen in 3 piece suits who wanted to offerme a "job". They informed me that they were from WHCCA (White House Communications Center Agency). They told me that I would be TDY (awayfrom home) 7 months out of the year. I politely declined their offer due to the fact that I was engaged and didn't want to be displaced after I was tobe married. A couple of weeks later I was visited again by two gentlemen in 3 piece suits who offered me another job. They advised me that they hadheard that I had declined the previous WHCCA job, so they had another offer. It was a position in Mons, Belgium and was a civilian assignment. I wasworking (indirectly) for Gen. Alexander Haig who was then SACEUR (Supreme Allied Commander Europe). This was before he became Chief of Staff toRonald Reagan. To make a long story short, I exited the military in 1986 but continued working for the Dept. of the Army until 2000. Upon my departure from the Dept. of the Army, I was awarded the below certificate along with the medal. I had put them away until I recently readDr.Darryl's blog and got to thinking I may have one of those! I exited my government service as a Tables Manager/Telecommunications Specialist, GS-9.I'm not sure what kind of metal the coin is made out of but I know that it's HEAVY and looks like maybe bronze. It's fairly thick also. Notice the picture ofthe wooden holder they gave me. Dr.Darryl's blog got me to reminiscing when I read the one about the CIA ...LOL! I've worked with folks from thatAgency and have good friends who have worked there. I'm proud to be a veteran and was once part of the "Deep State" ! The first picture is of me in myNEW uniform of the day. I call it my coronavirus uniform. The bottom 2 pictures are of my better half and I during my Deep State years. Until next timemy friends, stay SAFE and healthy and PLEASE help flatten the curve ! Charlie aka slybluenote

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