slybluenote's Blog

30 Apr 2020


Coins-United States | slybluenote

Well, at least April wasn't a complete disappointment. I received my program 2020 Silver Proof Set complete with the 2020 Reverse proof nickel from the West Point Mint. This is a beautiful set and inspecting it made me feel like I made the right decision to enroll. It still don't alleviate the losses of family members to death this month, but it did provide a bright spot in a month filled with sadness and darkness. It gave me pause to reflect on positive things in my life versus the negatives, so I live to fight another day. Now that I've started getting older, collecting coins is fitting right into my life style. Looking at the craftsmanship of the silver proof set makes me recall good memories. I'm so fortunate to have acquired the 2020 Kennedy Half dollar, but I also enjoy the ATB quarters also. And, like last years penny, the nickel is immaculate.

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